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Digital Marketing

Brand identity is an essential component of any business. How your brand is perceived and positioned against your competitor impacts your bottom line. We understand the correlation between brand perception and consumer behavior, therefore over time we will give you the preferred brand-consumer relationship. Ignite Technology Solutions will help you achieve your desired brand identity while guaranteeing increased brand awareness. The Ignite team of Website designer and website developer will create for you an affordable, user-friendly, trendy, mobile responsive website. Whether you're interested in a blog or large commercial site, we can develop the perfect site to represent your company.

Social media marketing has grown immensely in recent years, simply because it is effective. It benefits the organizations in different ways and can be used to advertise products or simply to inform your customers about what your organization has been up to. In this consumer interactive age, there is no substitution for online visibility. Let us increase your online presence and digital footprint. Brand presence on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest is a must. Ignite is committed to providing an unforgettable user experience for your clients. We also work assiduously to get you that well sorted after ranking in the relevant search engines. We provide on-site and off-site search engine optimization services (SEO).

Logo and Graphic Design

Ignite Technology Solutions will work closely with you to create a corporate business identity that matches your goals. Yes, your Logo is the central, identifiable visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember your company's brand. However, this is not enough, we will help you form a systematic visual language around the logo, one that compliments your business objective. Offline, our graphics team will work aggressively to make your brand recognizable through the formation of logos, business cards, letterhead, flyers, posters, magazine among other digital and printed medium. This is a sure-fire way to boost your promotional efforts. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. The Ignite team will work attentively until we ensure your satisfaction.

App Development

Ignite Technology Solutions specializes in taking your idea and making it a reality. We are able to write and develop proprietary applications, create interfaces with existing software and design databases customized for your needs. We are familiar with a wide range of software and programming languages such as C#, Java, SQL and Visual studio. The Ignite team will use these skills to develop high quality business applications tailored to fit your needs which will help you increase operational efficiency and sustain a competitive advantage.

Web Development

Ignite Technology Solutions is passionate about web design and development. Each website developed by the Ignite team is one of a kind and is crafted to visual perfection. We ensure that each website is built professionally, SEO friendly and is compliant with web standards. We develop our websites with top content management systems such as Drupal and Word press. We are familiar with programming languages such as jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, CSS 3/HTML. Our web development division is able to develop sites ranging from a simple static website to complex web-based internet applications, business applications or e-commerce websites.

Managed IT Support Services

Ignite Technology Solutions provides our customers with the ability to get a fully Managed IT Service solution by allowing us to implement or improve your company's current IT infrastructure. We will evaluate and make the necessary improvements or repairs to your computer hardware, network systems, and other peripheral devices. This will enable your company to competently share files, resources, reduce costs and increase productivity leading to its success. Our Managed IT Services division can manage the outsourcing of all your IT needs or sit with you to create the ideal solution with the combination of networking, computer systems management, client support, app development, web development or infrastructure management.


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